Phoenix Equinox Design Studios


I will attempt to keep this introduction brief as possible, If you would sooner skip it though, I understand.

My name is Dustin Danyluk. Online, I primarily use the net handle Phoenix Equinox as well as a few others I'll choose to keep to myself. I am well versed in XHTML/HTML5 and both CSS2.1 and CSS3, I also have some knowledge in basic flash coding (Action Script) as well as jQuery integration.

Also, Please note this site was produced to be compatible with the latest web browsers. If there are display problems, please make sure your browser is up to date. If it is, please email me the problem you are having with the browser, thank you


Please note, I am aware of the Smarty error issues. They mean nothing. I recomend ignoring them or refreshing the page if you encounter these issues. It usually means that the page loaded wrong somehow since it only happens on occasion.